March 21, 2014

Dr Koenigsberg I would just like you to know that my experience that I received at your office was very Professional and comfortable, and in less than a months time I went form 20/60 to 20/20. Thanks to your expertise,experience,and professionalism. I am so thankful for your service. And please pass along to the office staff also how appreciative I am of the manner in which they manage the office.

                                                                                                                                  Joel B


I didn't wear glasses before doing my tour in Vietnam. For the past 47 years I have had double vision. The lenses got thicker glass each year. I was truly getting worried about my vision, You couldn't even see what color my eyes were the glass was so thick. Then, I had a miracle happen. I found Dr. Koenisgberg, My first visit I met his administrator, very pleasant and kept patients moving smoothly to exam rooms. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to be seen. I felt very comfortable and safe. When I met the soft spoken Dr. within 5 minutes he knew exactly what it was going to take to fix my problem. I had surgery January 8, 2014 and 6 days later I can see with regular glasses(no prisms) and I have no double vision. I already drive and couldn't be happier. I can not find the words to tell you how excited I am. I will never go to any other eye Dr.....Dr. Koenisberg is the best!

A Very Happy Patient, Carl





January 25th, 2014

Dr. Koenigsberg is a very dedicated doctor and interested in his patients well being.






January 24th, 2014

Very good experience.




January 14th, 2014

The appointment was helpful. Dr. Koenigsberg was thorough and brought up concerns and ideas I would not have thought of regarding my low vision problems (macular degeneration and double vision).






January 11th, 2014

Dr. Koenigsberg and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. He explains thoroughly any procedure that he needs to do and makes sure that it is clearly understood. I would highly rate Dr. Koenigsberg.






January 11th, 2014

He is a very caring and competent Ophthalmologist. He has been very concerned about my eyes because I have been an unusual case. Everything seems to be coming along fine though.






November 3rd, 2013

Dr. Koenigsberg is very knowledgeable in his field and an excellent surgeon. He identified my problem immediately, and made me feel very comfortable with selecting him to do my eye muscle surgery. I am very grateful to have found him through recommendations, and thankful for his skills and expertise. His office manager, Eric ,is very personable and helpful with all aspects of surgery and office visits. The office atmosphere is relaxed and professional, as well as conscientious about patient comfort; I can't praise them enough!!

Ann W.



May 18th, 2012

He performed surgery on my son's eye. It was beautifully done!




July 10, 2012

I initially saw Dr. Koenigsberg ad on TV over 3 yrs. ago and then read the negative reviews but knowing that people tend to share when they are not please, I decided to call his office. My first contact was with Eric, the Office Manager, who was extremely patient and helpful although I did not decide to have the surgery until a year later. I had a previous surgery by another doctor, but the experience and results was not satisfactory. Dr. K reviewed my previous surgical records, explained everything in detail, the expected outcome and made sure I had clarity. By the day of the surgery I felt that I was in the best of hands. I am overjoyed with the results and each time I look in the mirror I am grateful for the gift that Dr. K has been blessed to give to others. Even though Eric communicated with the insurance company several times, he was given incorrect info, but this did not matter because Dr. K deserved every dollar and more. Dr. K, Eric and Helena are an outstanding team.

Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield



October 30, 2013

Excellent results after cataract surgery, this is a kind and dedicated ophthalmologist

Insurance: Medicare



November 30, 2013

On this Thanksgiving Weekend I wanted people to know how grateful I am for the kindness and wonderful experience with this practice. I consulted two other Ophthalmologists before meeting Dr. Koenisgberg; eyes are precious and the immediate trust was with Dr. Koenisgberg, my search was over.

Immediately walking into the office I had a sense of home; colors soft and the room was peaceful. The administrator, Eric, welcomed me with a huge smile as if I were family. I noticed how promptly and efficiently patients were taken to exam rooms. Dr. Koenisgberg is such a pleasure; soft spoken and patient while explaining all the details and procedures necessary. Both my cataract surgeries were a success and went as explained, especially since I required a more difficult surgery in one eye. No more glasses, what an amazing and happy experience!

I have recommended my whole family. My daughter and husband have already been and my husband is looking forward to his scheduled surgery in January so he can remove bottle thick glasses:another delicate surgery, yet no worries with Dr. K in charge!

I was so excited to use my "new eyes" without glasses at the restaurant when I proudly r ead and asked" for the Asian fish. Hearing the laughter, I was soon corrected when the waitress said it "READ" Alaskan fish. So, one request I now have, "I may have perfect eye sight Dr K. but can you now teach me to read correctly!"

Gratefully Yours,
Sandra W.



May 18, 2012

A very professional and compassionate staff. We are greeted by name when we arrive. You're seen within minutes of arriving. There a lots of magazines available to read, but don't bother! You're not going to be able to even have the chance to skim them.

Dr K is very good about evaluating and explaining the problem. He then laid out several potential courses of action along with their potential ramifications. Armed with this, my son was able to make informed choices regarding his condition, his health, and his appearance.

My son opted for surgical correction of his condition. Dr K knew my son had, in the past, not had good experiences with anesthesia. Dr K proactively prescribed an anti-nausea medication which made the whole post surgery experience much easier on my son and on me as the caregiver.

The surgery results were great! His eyes now "look normal". In today's society, where appearance is so important, that's a big deal.

Adrienne S.



May 18, 2012

Dr. Koenigsberg is an excellent doctor. I suffered from strabismus (eye mis-alignment) for most of my life. I underwent surgeries with different doctors to correct it twice before, but neither achieved the desired results. The first was an under correction and the second was a large over correction. After the second surgery I was unsure if I would ever have proper eye alignment, but Dr. Koenigberg was able correct my eye alignment (which had gotten quite poor by the time of the surgery) on his first try. The results were very good and my eyes now have perfect alignment.

Dr. K was very knowledgeable, personable and professional. He clearly explained upfront my condition, the procedure to treat it, and the expectancies post operation. He was also very open to questions and concerns. I couldn't ask for more.

Overall I had an excellent experience with Dr. Koenigsberg and would recommend him to anyone.

Andrew S.



December 16, 2011

Dr. Koenigsburg: Personable, professional, skilled, patient, intuitive, steady-hand, swift!
Meeting with him was very easy in his nice home like office in Deerwood. From the beginning I could tell that he really cares about the patient's satisfaction. He is very humble and honest about expectancies so that you know what to expect in the end. Following his mottos"less is more," he makes sure that he maticulously plans out the work in stages, if need be, to mold the surgery int a near perfect sculpture. Lastly he is very personable but yet still professional making you feel more at ease with the surgery and it is a great feeling knowing that he can actually connect with you on both the personal and professional level, making you at ease, while still holding the doctor/patient relationship.

How I got my surgery and the results:
First of all, I want to say that being stationed on a ship makes it difficult to get anyting as far as surgery goes set up because of the ships schedule and being in and out of port. I had to jump through a few hoops and Erik Koenigsburg saw me through all of this. He maticulously planned and executed my referral that was held up by the NAS Jax hospital. I was waiting for 5 months on a referral and I went out on whim one day and decided to call the medical administrator (Erik) and see what he could do, within 48 hrs I had an appointment to see the doctor 2 months later I had my surgery on December 7, 2011. This was my third attempt and definitely will be the LAST attempt because of the near perfection on the correction.

Herman B.



August 08, 2011

I am very pleased in the cleanliness of the office and how professional the office staff was while I waited on my appointment. The office environment was very orderly and I did not have to wait for a long time to see the doctor. Dr. Adam Koenigsberg is a very caring and professional person who made sure I knew exactly what was going on with my pupils and vision in detail. I love going to a doctor's office and not have to worry about whether or not the equipment being used is cleaned before every use. I will definitely go back for a followup.

Leekel R.