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Senior Eye Care Center

Dr. Koenigsberg is board certified in Ophthalmology.

Senior Eye Care Center Your eyes, like other parts of your body, change as you grow older. Eye health disorders are more common in our mature years. These changes can’t be prevented but you can typically compensate for changes with proper treatment. Deerwood Ophthalmology offers both senior eye care and elder eye care for northern Florida including annual comprehensive vision and eye health examinations which are highly recommended to help ensure optimum performance.

One unfortunate thing about growing older is the inevitability of experiencing vision issues. By retirement age, one in three Americans have some form of vision-impairing eye affliction. Many of these people are unaware that small symptoms can escalate into serious vision problems. Through early detection from consultations with our specialists at Deerwood Ophthalmology, problems can be addressed early and more serious eye conditions can be prevented.

Please click below to learn more about some common senior eye care issues amongst patients 65 or older.



Macular Degeneration

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