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Refraction Policy

Eye Exam Refraction PolicyA refraction is the process of determining if there is a need for corrective lenses to see clearly. This series of tests determines the eye glass or contact lens prescription.

Most medical insurance plans, including Medicare, do NOT cover routine refractions or routine eye examinations (when no medical eye problem is known or suspected). Medicare allows that we charge separately for that portion of the examination, since it is not a covered service. At times, it is medically necessary to perform a refraction to help determine the cause of visual changes. This is particularly helpful when patients have multiple issues affecting their eyes such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Despite being medically necessary, refractions are still not considered a covered service.

If you have a separate vision plan that covers routine or annual eye examinations and/or glasses, please let us know. Your vision plan may assist you with your eye care needs that are not covered by your medical plan.

The refraction fee is a separate fee from the eye examination fee and is due at the time of service along with any copay or co-insurance required by your insurance plan. Our office fee for a refraction is $60.00. Should your plan pay us for the refraction, we will reimburse you accordingly.